Yana L., San Francisco CA

Posted by Sylva on May 4, 2010

Sylva is the best in her field of work. She is the answer to my prayers. I started treatments Chez Sylva three years ago and the first day I walked in my skin had Acne and lots of damage from Rosacea. I had early signs of aging, scars, blemishes, acne, redness, and deep tissue inflammation. Within 6 months – about 10 visits- Sylva had my skin under total control. The Acne was gone, the skin was healing. In the next six months my skin was completely revived and with every visit after that my skin just keeps getting younger looking. Right now my skin is smooth , clear, no blemishes, no pimples, no inflammations, the scars are all gone and all the wrinkles I had are now down to minimal. My skin has become tighter, has clear radiance and healthy color. My skin has been healthy now for two and a half years, but I keep going for treatments because now that my skin is healthy, I want to keep it getting younger and Sylva is making my skin younger. I also did a treatment to minimize my pores. I used to have large pore ; now they look totally normal. My skin used to be very oily and seborrheic, now its healthy. I get compliments now all the time that I look 10 years younger.
Sylva can give her clients a new lease for self-esteem and joy. I love the way I look now and this feeling has also improved every other aspect of my life.
Last but not least, you can purchase super products for your skin at “Chez Sylva” that you will not find anywhere else. They are amazing !

Sylva has many diplomas from American and International schools and every month she upgrades her knowledge and skills to the newest discoveries in the medical field.

Let Sylva take care of your skin. You will be happier.

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