I love tropical vacations and swimming and I love Chez Sylva. After years of going to cheap “chop shop” waxing where 2 women work on you at once with no regard for your pain or screams, I found Chez Sylva to be heaven. A clean, comfortable environment. A heated table. Excellent products. Sylva is professional and friendly – she takes her time with you. No red rash or itching after waxing. I won’t go anywhere else.

Margot M., San Francisco CA

I live in the Inner Sunset (woo!) and stumbled upon Chez Sylva after noticing a line out the door one weekend morning. Sylva rocks! Her waxing skills are second to none…little to no pain….even for bikini! I love that she is around the corner, but I would make the waxing appt sooner no matter what ‘hood I lived in.

Lisa C., San Francisco CA

I highly recommend Chez Sylva. I have been going to Sylva for the last ten years, and any service that she has offered me has been far superior to other beauty and spa treatments. Her facials are amazing. I always leave looking and feeling ten years younger. She offers a variety of other services such as body treatments, waxing and electrolysis as well as a comprehensive line of skin products tailored to meet everyone’s needs. Sylva, herself, is professional, friendly and approachable. She works with you, listening closely to your concerns and then applies her own knowledge and experience to create the best benefit overall. I trust her implicitly and, I wouldn’t go to anyone but her.

Summer S., San Francisco

Sylva is amazing! I go to her for my waxing needs. She is always kind, welcoming, professional and makes you feel comfortable right away. I feel lucky to have her in my neighborhood! She returns calls prompty and works a little magic if she needs to fit you in on a busy day. I trust her completely and highly recommend her salon. Thank you Sylva!

Anne C., San Francisco CA

Sylva is truly as good as it gets. I see her in Los Angeles at Salon Du Soleil in Montrose, CA where she visits on the weekends once a month. I cannot recommend her highly enough. She understands the science behind skin care so well that it seems almost instinctive. I went to her a few times before my wedding and the difference she made was amazing. From tips on which make up might be best for your skin type to what each procedure means for your skin every dollar is well worth it. You want to know what she can do for your skin just look at her. This might be a cliche, but in her case it really is true: she is one of the most beautiful women I have met both inside and out!!

Lilit G., Glendale CA

I highly recommend Chez Sylva. I have been seeing Sylva for facial treatments for about 2 years. I struggled with so much acne growing up, I’m sure that’s why I’m so shy. My skin cleared as I got older, but I still had annoying breakouts. I started going to Sylva, upon recommendation from a friend, and I have to say, now my skin is amazing! I’ve had so many people compliment me, several people have actually used the word “radiant” and say that I have “perfect skin”. I’m not feeling so shy anymore…

S. D., San Francisco

Sylva is amazing. For the first time in my life, I don’t need to fight my skin or spend hours trying to figure out what type of skin product won’t affect my sensitive skin or make me break out. I don’t even know if my skin would be classified as sensitive anymore. My skin is healthier, smoother, more beautiful than ever, and I only wear makeup if I want to or feel like it. I have been to tons of dermatologists, tried every over-the-counter and prescription thing you can think of, and have been to at least 10 different aestheticians. Sylva out-performs them all. I also have a small birthmark which is getting smaller with her treatments. I don’t even ask her what she does anymore, I just go and lie on the heated bench and let her be the expert.

Katt A., San Francisco CA

I realized the other day while I was getting a facial that I had been seeing Sylva for 12 years for facials and other miscellaneous aesthetic treatments, like eyebrow shaping and waxing. Sylva really shines when it comes to facials. I think this is most eloquently communicated when I tell you that I’m about to turn 38 and at the conference I just attended I had several people, both men and women, tell me what a charming and pretty young woman I am. They thought I was a good 5 to 10 years younger than I am. I attribute this to Sylva’s fabulous work. Not only do I see her for facials (not as often as I’d like to) but I also buy all of my facial products from her and have these last dozen years. She is a skin genius.

Alice M., San Francisco CA

I really had problems with some unwanted hair and I decided to go to Silva since she is in the neighborhood. Wow she works magic with electrolsis and you notice the difference right away! and she is super kind. She goes in detail about any treatment that you would have to do. Her rooms are relaxing and there are magazines and she sells quite a bit of skin treatments and she has many degrees but she REALLY knows her stuff. She is cheaper than most I have found and told people about her. She is probably one of the only people I will go to see about skin stuff.

Nadia N., San Francisco CA

A dead giveaway for how great Sylva’s skin care is her own skin. Her skin is flawless! She looks 25 years old! Sign me up!Sylva has a fabulous “bedside manner” (she studied to be a doctor) and her techniques and equipment are current and appropriate. There has never been a question I’ve asked she couldn’t answer. I have been a client for almost a year, and I consistently get compliments on how good my skin looks. I owe it all to Sylva.See her for monthly facials, and you will be glad you did! The products she carries are excellent as well, but she doesn’t push them. She always explains what’s she’s doing every step of the way, and my skin has benefited greatly. I’m a huge fan!

Lia L., San Francisco CA